A day of remembrance is supposed to remind us of the things that bring purpose, focus and intentionality back into our lives. I know that I forget how much goes on beyond my little world. Having a day to intentionally remember why it is that I have such an amazing life or country or husband or wife; is just what I need to bring gratitude into my heart.

Have you ever felt there would be no way to repay for the sacrifices made on your behalf. Well, you’re right. There is no way to repay except for how we live today. Do we participate in community meetings, volunteer in elderly homes and support all of the structures of what really makes America great. I think the word sacrifice is what really makes the great, “Great”. Just like America. If we aren’t willing to give of ourselves, our time, and our resources to be a part of the greater good, there will be no greater good to sacrifice for.

Thank you, thank you and please remember to choose one thing a month you can do for others outside your piece of the world’s puzzle.

Veteran’s THANK YOU!!!! We are ever paying your sacrifice forward!!!


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