By: Aleah Nelson, 2/21/2023

Sometimes just imagining what you want in life can help you get there! Because without first dreaming it, we could never have wanted it. Here is a little vision of what a home with an amazing view can make you feel like.

Recently, I created a vision board. And if you have never heard of one. This is a great time to learn about them. Oprah is a big advocate for visions boards and she can tell you exactly how to make one and all the benefits from them. Go to her website and get all the yummy details and benefits.

My Vision Board-Seriously nothing fancy but these are things I want to keep top of mind and to make happen in my life.

Remember, “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.” And another of my favorites that helps that quote feel better- “It’s not hard, it just takes effort.”

Good luck on your vision board.

Aleah Nelson, Realtor & Friend


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